Application to measure Blood Glucose level

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Recently, world changed a lot and everything is now simple, intelligent and smart. Everything including novels or renovating restaurants or making any new dishes are found easily on internet as well as smartphones.

Smartphones usage has grown a lot and become very common in day to day life. Few years back people use to keep diaries to save everyday tasks, or even post letters etc. But now things have changed and revolution came.

Today everything is AI that is artificial intelligence and everything is changed into application or software of smartphone. Even people use phone to pay utilities or even pay for medicine. Even heart rate and stress can be calculated by application now. Also people use smartphones to keep record of their daily routine.

Blood Glucose Level

Blood Glucose Level is also called blood sugar concentration. It can be low or high and it is called hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia respectively. It is the measure of concentrated glucose or sugar present in the blood of human. Blood sugar is present in every person in normal range which is 70 to 130 mg/dL and it provide energy to person but it can become disturb due to hormonal issue or blockage of hormone sensing. Persistent Hyperglycemia causes Diabetes Mellitus. This happens genetically or due to stress or obesity. If this disease remains uncheck it will cause glucose toxicity in body. So a person should keep the record of blood sugar and take medication accordingly.

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Blood Glucose Monitoring

Almost 2 decades before it was difficult to check blood sugar continuously as it was check by taking blood sample from vein in the laboratory for testing and getting results after some hours. It is frustrating to check the sugar during fasting and after food intake by using such method. Also it is hard to keep record of sugar level daily or for whole month.

After some year, sugar testing meters were made which can check the blood sugar comfortably and its highly portable. During early stages, the meter was expensive and every patient can’t purchase it. This meter contains a testing strips and lancet to prick blood from finger. The drop of blood is put on strips and the meter will detect the sugar within few seconds. This causes easiness in checking and patient can check sugar level 3 times in a day without any hindrance and difficulty. After sometimes it become affordable and is now commonly used. But it shows variation in results and cannot store the record of blood sugar for more than 2 days. Because of that a person must write a record manually on some notebook.

Now world has changed allot and application has been made to detect blood glucose level. It will be free which makes it much affordable and easy to use. This app will save the record, track, analyze blood sugar level in phone and guide the patient about diet control and taking medication promptly and its portable. It also notifies the patient to take medicine on the given time.

Some people are afraid of needles and some gets faint if they see blood so it’s hard for them to use meter. So, one of the additional advantage is that it won’t need blood or pricking to detect sugar level it will just detect it with sensors which will make it more easy and accurate. Also this app will be synchronizing to internet which help the doctor to look after his patients any time and prescribe them keenly and diagnose them more promptly.

Publicidade - OTZAds
Publicidade - OTZAds

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