Application to measure Blood Pressure

Cardiac arrest is one of the leading cause of death worldwide and one of its major reason is high blood pressure.

High BP effect kidney, brain, muscle, eye and other organs. It clogged arteries and blood faced the difficulty in passing through arteries which cause raise in blood pressure.


There is no permanent treatment of Hypertension. Only lifestyle modification and medications help to control it. Lifestyle changes can help you to control your BP include diet, exercise, quit smoking, managing stress and weight, Lower your salt consumption and High fat diet etc.

Low blood pressure called as Hypotension also has serious implication on health.
Regular monitoring of blood pressure is very important especially if you are hypertensive patient. Using sphygmomanometer and other digital apparatus require time and help from some professional person. Smartphone and smart gadgets are new advancements in current century that making our daily life easy.

A very convenient and easy to use technique is to measure the blood pressure by using smartphone app.


Most people have ‘white coat hypertension’ means when a doctor or nurse check BP, readings are falsely higher than normal. They prescribe them unnecessary medications. On the other hand, some people shows lower reading than normal. So record and track your own BP at home at home by using App and keep up-to-date about any changes in your body that may pose serious heath damage.

How to measure Blood Pressure Properly?

  1. Record your Blood pressure at the same time of the day such as every morning and every evening.
  2. Do not take any medication, exercise or diet that alter or raise blood pressure.
  3. Sit properly and comfortably with your arm and feet relax 5 minutes prior to measuring Blood pressure.
  4. Use washroom before measuring BP as full bladder enhance BP.
  5. Take two to three readings every time for proper analysis.
  6. App will record and analyze your data smartly according to CDC recommendations which helps you in medical consultation if there will be any pressure hikes.

Recording on a notebook is good idea but it has many disadvantages:

If you lost your notebook, all the recordings lost that you previously taken. Rewrite on new notebook by memorizing has many inaccuracies.

Writing the data on notebook do not give trend analysis which will help in making decision by healthcare professionals.
Blood pressure recording is not a single day process but it is long term tracking.


Mixing at any time point leads to inaccurate data and badly effect diagnosis and treatment. So, App helps you to easily secure data and get trend analysis at any time you want.

A person with high blood pressure not just effect it health but also has financial implications. A patient spending $3000 per year on its medications and other health costs. Daily monitoring at home helps the patient adhere to medications and keep the BP in control ranges. The availability of simple and accurate method to measure BP greatly increased the chance of hypertension management.

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